In preparation, in review or in revision

Huang Y-H, Kausrud K, Hassim A, van Schalkwyk OL, Dekker EH, Alexander B, Cloete CC, Kilian JW, van Heerden H and Turner WC. Bi-seasonal dynamics of a multi-host pathogen: the role of environment in the seasonality of anthrax. In preparation.

Turner WC, Kamath PL, van Heerden H, Huang Y-H, Barandongo ZR, Bruce SA and Kausrud K. The roles of environmental variation and parasite survival in virulence-transmission relationships. In revision.

Bruce SA, Huang Y-H, Kamath PL, van Heerden H and Turner WC. The roles of antimicrobial resistance, phage diversity, isolation source, and selection in shaping the genomic architecture of Bacillus anthracis. In revision.

Chen CC, Chang AM, Tsai MS, Huang Y-H, Pei KJC, Li YC. Association between stress and bilateral symmetrical alopecia in free-ranging Formosan macaques (Macaca cyclopis) in a high-population-density area. In revision. 


Huang Y-H, Joel H, Küsters M, Barandongo ZR, Cloete CC, Hartmann A, Kamath P, Kilian JW, Mfune JKE, Shatumbu G, Zidon R, Getz WM and Turner WC. Disease or drought: environmental fluctuations release zebra from a potential pathogen-triggered ecological trap. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. In press.


Starkloff NC, Kirchman JJ, Jones AW, Winger BM, Huang Y-H, Pulgarin-R PC and Turner WC. Drivers of community turnover differ between avian haemoparasite genera along a North American latitudinal gradient. Ecology and Evolution. 10(12), 5402-5415. 

Ph.D. Student in Wildlife Ecology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Yen-Hua Huang, D.V.M